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EA eliminating Online Pass on existing games


As EA discontinues its Online Pass system for future games, existing passes are also getting the axe, making some content and even full games free, first on Xbox 360. Over the coming weeks, EA will get rid of Online Passes in its games, corporate communications rep John Reseburg tells Game Informer.

"As we discontinue Online Pass for our new EA titles, we are also in the process of eliminating it from all our existing EA titles as well," Reseburg says. "We heard the feedback from players and decided to do away with Online Pass altogether."

When the rollout is complete, EA Sports games will no longer prompt players to enter an Online Pass code, and other games will offer content for free, Reseburg says.

NeoGaf member MMaRsu compiled a list of Xbox 360 EA games that already offer free content once barred by the Online Pass, including a free copy of the original American McGee's Alice, Bad Company 2 VIP, Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network, and more, listed in full below.

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