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Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS 'in a few weeks'

Sarah Silbert

Sundar Pichai just dropped some pretty big news onstage at D11: Google's Play Music All Access app will be coming to iOS in the following weeks. When the streaming service debuted at I/O, we found it curious that an Apple-compatible version was missing, especially considering that Mountain View is quite generous in sharing its cloud services with folks on Cupertino's platform. Speaking with Walt Mossberg today, Pichai -- SVP of Android, Chrome and Apps at Google -- said Mountain View's goal is to be "universally accessible," noting that "when there's a mass of users, we invest in more platforms." Of course, that cross-platform love doesn't extend much to Windows Phone, which has tangled horns with Google over the lack of an official YouTube app. That's it for now; we'll be sure to clue you in when the iOS app gets a formal release date.

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