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Apple may now sell the iPhone in Iran


The US Treasury Department has opened a door that could allow Apple to sell iPhones in Iran. The Treasury Department has made an agreement to allow exportation to Iran "of certain services, software and hardware incident to personal communications," which would include Apple's mobile devices. This is good in a few different ways: Apple employees in the past have been rumored to not sell iPhones to people of Iranian descent, and in addition to the company from Cupertino being able to sell iPhones directly inside Iran itself, this should also prevent any other issues along those lines, thankfully.

This isn't a completely open policy, however -- the Treasury Department still won't allow sales directly to the Iranian government, or to people or organizations in Iran on a "Specially Designated Nationals" list. So Apple doesn't have carte blanche to sell iPhones over there. But at least those sanctions issues can be laid to rest, and Apple can go forward with exporting consumer-focused devices over there.

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