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Book of Tyrael to release this October


Blizzard has at long last announced the official release date for the anticipated Book of Tyrael: October 1, 2013. The Book of Tyrael will cover many important events in Sanctuary's history through the eyes of the Archangel Tyrael, someone you should recognize if you're familiar with the Diablo franchise. In it, Tyrael will reveal many secrets of the world, the dangers it faces, and the reasons behind his own actions.

Not much in the way of previews is yet available - the cover is up at the link for you to appreciate - but I am certain that The Book of Tyrael will be choc full of beautiful artwork. With supplementary materials like this, Blizzard always delivers. It's the main reason I keep buying the expansion collector's editions: I want those books!

The Book of Tyrael will certainly be a fine collector's item for fans of the Diablo franchise. Are any of you readers Diablo lore junkies? If so, this should certainly answer many of your questions (and probably raise a few more, as well)!

Editor's Note: Corrected the original date.

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