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El Shaddai director's new studio acquires IP from Ignition


The El Shaddai intellectual property (IP) changed hands today from original publisher UTV Ignition to Crim, a Tokyo-based studio where the game's director, Sawaki Takeyasu, is based now. As 4Gamer reports, Ignition confirmed the transfer of all El Shaddai derivative rights, including any prequels and sequels. Ignition, however, retains the rights to sell the original 2011 game. UTV Ignition was acquired by Disney in 2012, with Atlus picking up Dragon's Crown from Ignition shortly after.

The news paves the way for a follow-up to the eccentric Xbox 360 and PS3 action game - interestingly, Crim is hosting an event in Tokyo on August 12 to celebrate the acquisition. Ignition and Crim did release El Shaddai: Social Battle in April 2012, but the smartphone social game ended its service just a few months later. Its lasting memory is this suitably bizarre teaser trailer.

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