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Internet Trends report highlights iPad's incredible success, room for smartphone growth and more


Earlier this week, Mary Meeker unveiled her Internet Trends report and, per usual, there's a lot of interesting information to digest. The deck is 117 slides deep, but the following slides in particular are worth highlighting.

For as much as people like to talk about the iPhone having reached a saturation point, the following graph underscores how much more room for smartphone growth remains.

But if you want to talk about growth, let's take a gander at this chart comparing the growth of the iPad against the iPhone. Suffice to say, it's not even close. Of course, the comparison isn't completely fair given that the iPhone was initially available only to AT&T subscribers and, of course, required a two-year contract. The iPad, meanwhile, had a relatively quick worldwide rollout and could be purchased with no strings attached. Nevertheless, the chart below highlights just how quickly Apple was able to enter the tablet market and resurrect a product space that had previously been, for all practical purposes, non-existent.


It's no secret that the smartphone war continues to be a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung. Together, the companies account for 51 percent of the entire global smartphone market. And when it comes to actual profits, Apple and Samsung together almost have a 100 percent share.

What's truly fascinating about the chart below, I think, is that it really demonstrates just how quickly the technological landscape can shift. In 2010, for instance, Samsung had a measly 4 percent of the global smartphone market. Less than three years later, the Korean-based tech giant enjoys a 29 percent share.


And speaking of how quickly the tech landscape is prone to change, the following chart is rather telling.

Internet Trends report highlights iPad's tremendous growth and

Again, Mary Meeker's entire slide presentation is chock full of information and well worth taking a look at. From the explosion of mobile video sharing to charting what consumers are actually doing on their smartphones, the presentation touches on a variety of meaty topics.

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