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Tomorrow only: Best Buy iPhone trade-in extravaganza


Sure, you love your iPhone 4 or 4S. It's probably served you well. But in the back of your mind you keep feeling that itch. The iPhone 5 is out there, if only you had the money to buy it. Well you may be in luck, iPhone dreamer. Tomorrow, Saturday June 1, Best Buy is offering a US$150 trade-in credit for any functional iPhone 4 or 4S.

Couple that with the retailer's recent $50 price cut for the iPhone 5 and you can walk away with a brand new 5 for free, except for any sales taxes, of course. There are a few stipulations: you must be eligible for a phone upgrade and sign a two-year contract for the phone to get the offer. However you're able to select the carrier of your choice.

This deal will not be available online, but if you've been dreaming of an iPhone 5 and don't have an extra $150-$200 in your pocket it's probably worth making a trip down to your local store. If you miss out this weekend be aware the $50 discount on the iPhone 5 is only good through June 29.

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