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WoW Moviewatch Staff Pick: Welcome to the Deadmines

Welcome to a WoW Moviewatch Staff Picks special! Each of our staff members will get the chance to feature one of their favorite videos, and tell us all why they love it. Mr. Ziebart goes first, and he chose: Welcome to the Deadmines. This is what Alex had to say about the video.

Welcome to the Deadmines was released before Cataclysm's remix of the dungeon. The first iteration of the Deadmines was near and dear to people like me, who had been playing the game since launch. Not only is Welcome to the Deadmines an excellent piece of machinima on its own, but it kicked me in the nostalgia, too.

Something about this video makes me want to dive right into Van Cleef's stomping grounds. Created by legendary machinima stars like Adrian Drott, Jesse Cox, Irdeen, Matt Greenburg, and more, Welcome to the Deadmines packs one heck of a talented punch.
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