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Stahl fields Star Trek questions, addresses downtime in latest Ask Cryptic

Jef Reahard

Star Trek Online executive producer Daniel Stahl is back to answer your questions in the latest edition of Ask Cryptic. In addition to fielding a few community queries, Stahl provides an update on what appears to have been a hectic week following the launch of the game's Legacy of Romulus expansion.

While Stahl admits that there have been some rough spots when it comes to emergency downtime and queues, he says that the hubbub is ultimately a sign of STO's growth and subsequent higher profile.
We did buy new hardware. We did upgrade the network. We did plan for all the new people, but sometimes bad things just happen for no good reason. We've had to replace some new hardware, rewire some networks, upgrade some firewalls, and pretty much anything else that you could think of from an infrastructure standpoint. We're sorry and we're working around the clock to whack the moles as they pop up. But in general, we've had more people in and playing the game than any previous update in STO. We're seeing record numbers of captains creating new Romulan characters. It's pretty awesome.

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