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Grave Digger may have all the grave-robbing, ghosts you ever wanted


This trailer for The Grave Digger has everything – Inception horn, a Dark Knight voiceover, spooky graveyard sound effects, Holmesian investigation music and a funny teaser after the credits. The PC game itself – a third-person grave-robbing romp through ghost-infested cemeteries – might just have everything, too. It's free to find out now with the demo, or buy the full game for $6 (£4, €4.75).

The Grave Digger comes from Home Groan Games, a two-man team in the UK. It features 18 Dickensian graveyards and five ghost types, each with individual AI to outsmart in the labyrinths. See what all the fuss is about right here – but don't be too scared when the trailer auto-plays.

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