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The Daily Grind: Which MMO story has moved you?


Sometimes I don't think that MMO writers get enough credit for the truly great tales that are embedded into our game experiences. Perhaps that's because there's a lot of fluffy nonsense tales that surround them, or perhaps it's because we're just so used to skipping past the story to reach the objective. Even so, I have to believe that there are stories that touch and move us in MMOs, because I've encountered several of them.

I have a particularly strong connection to many of the accounts that unfold in The Secret World. One story that I pieced together via lore discoveries and missions is the tale of Carrie Killian. We never meet her in the game, but we do explore the burned shell of the Black House, where this fortune teller was burned alive after a mob rampage. After learning all of the events, I had a lot more sympathy for this poltergeist than I did for the townsfolk.

So which MMO story has moved you? Which has remained lodged in your memories even unto this day?

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