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ASUS FonePad Note FHD 6 hands-on at Computex 2013 (video)


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ASUS is joining the big smartphone / tablet / don't call it a phablet fight, and its first salvo is the 6-inch FonePad Note FHD 6. We don't have to tell you that it's big, and that it stretched the limits of our hands when we briefly played with it. The 1080p display is suitably crisp enough, although this early demo unit was unable to be steered any further than the lock screen. However, that screen should at least look familiar to anyone who's played with the first FonePad. There's also a built-in stylus to use with it, one that's almost half as long as the phone itself, and this can be holstered in the back -- making it awfully like the Galaxy Note in more than just name. It's also worth noting the dual front-facing speakers, although there was no chance to test audio quality. Catch our brief eyes-on video after the break.

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Zach Honig contributed to this report.

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