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BBC Radio 4 show highlights challenges for 'appreneurs'


The entrepreneurs among you who develop iOS apps might want to check out the podcast of this weekend's The Bottom Line show on BBC Radio 4. In a roundtable discussion titled "The App Industry," Evan Davis spoke with three iOS developers about the challenges of being an "appreneur" -- an entrepreneur who deals in the world of apps.

This segment was a fascinating look inside the heads of three iOS developers and what it takes to not only make a good iOS app, but get that app recognized by Apple. Most interesting for me was their candor in talking about how easy (and not so easy) it is to work with Apple to try to get your app promoted on the App Store and the challenges of running a financially successful app business.

The developers Davis spoke with were Professor Anthony Steed, co-founder of Chirp; Max Whitby, co-founder and CEO of Touch Press (maker of The Elements for iPad and Solar System for iPad); and Barry Meade, co-founder of Fireproof Studios (maker of The Room).

Readers can listen to the episode for free online and download it for free on iTunes via The Bottom Line's podcast.

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