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Chrome for iOS updated, improves voice search and speed


Google has updated Chrome for iOS to version 27, bringing with it a number of new features aimed at Apple users looking for a Siri alternative. Like the recently updated desktop and Android versions, iOS users can verbally ask Chrome a question and get a verbal response. Chrome now talks back to you when it answers your questions. Most of the time. You can see an example video at the bottom of the page.

In my tests, the vocal response is great for basic inquiries for things you might need on the fly. I got verbal answers for questions like "Where is Fast & Furious 6 playing?" and "What is the population of Atlanta?" When I asked it to tell me the original lead singer of the punk band Black Flag it took me to a simple search results page and remained silent. Perhaps Chrome isn't a punk fan, but it probably has more to do with Google's Knowledge Graph.

Voice search in Chrome is now more accurate and faster than Apple's proprietary Siri. It won't let you send text messages or make calls like Siri, but for search, Chrome is the clear winner.

The update also speeds up page reloading, even with a weak or unavailable connection. You can find the latest update in the Apple store now.

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