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PSA: Scrolls open beta begins today, buy in for $20


Scrolls is available in open beta today, for $20 – also known as £13 or €15, depending on where your banks are located. Scrolls is a digital, collectible card game from Mojang, the people behind Minecraft. And, just like Minecraft, buying Scrolls during the open beta gives players all subsequent game updates for free.

In its current form, Scrolls isn't feature-complete, but it includes a deck builder, 25 trials, trading, profiles, the store, and quick, challenge and ranked matches. Scrolls has an in-game currency, gold, and real-money currency, shards, though Mojang promises shards are "completely optional, and will never be required to stay competitive."

Check out Scrolls for PC and Mac via the game's official site.

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