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Video: A short history of the WoW movie


In light of the recent news about the WoW movie, WoW Insider thought we'd prepare a short recap of its history. We begin way, way back in 2006, when it was first announced that Blizzard and Legendary Pictures had agreed to collaborate on a live-action representation of the Warcraft universe. Since then, the movie has gone through several changes, in a six-year on-again-off-again saga. This is explored in more depth in the video above, but I'll summarize some of the key dates here:
  • 2006: Warcraft movie announced, Legendary and Blizzard collaborate
  • 2009: Writer Gary Whitta leaves, Sam Raimi is announced as Director with Chris Metzen.
  • 2009: Robert Rodat is announced as screenwriter
  • 2010: Announcement at BlizzCon that the script is "pretty much laid down"
  • 2012: In July Sam Raimi left the team
  • 2012: In August, Variety announced that Charles Leavitt was the new writer
  • 2013: In January, Duncan Jones is announced as the new Director
  • 2013: April sees the announcement that VFX will be handled by Bill Westenhofer
  • 2013: Slashfilm asserts that the film will release in 2015, filming starting in January 2014.
We'd love to hear your thoughts on all this, as I mention in the video, the script has obviously been a major stumbling block. What are you hoping to see? When are you hoping to see it? And will it be better than all the other video game movies?

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