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Apple offering in-store iPhone 5 display replacements for $149


MacRumors is reporting that Apple this week began repairing iPhone 5 screens in its retail stores for US$149. The move is significant not only because Apple retail stores are prevalent and easy to find, but also because the price point isn't outrageous. In fact, you might even say that it's a bargain.

A few weeks ago we reported on the rising cost of iPhone 5 screen repairs, with Apple sometimes charging as much as $229 to repair a broken iPhone 5 screen. Some third-party companies have even been known to charge more than that. Driving the atypically high repair costs is the fact that the iPhone 5 utilizes more expensive display components than previous iPhone models.

Changes to Apple's repair policies first surfaced last month, where a town hall session revealed that Apple would begin in-house repairs of displays in June in an effort to save approximately $1 billion per year.

MacRumors heard from a tipster this morning that the new repair policy had been implemented and the changes have since been confirmed in a forum post from iPhone repair site Quick iFix. The repairs are available for cracked displays as well as screens that experience multitouch issues.

Interestingly enough, MacRumors also relays that Apple's in-house iPhone repair options are poised to expand come July when the company will begin fixing other iPhone-related problems, including sleep / wake button issues and camera issues.

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