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Double Fine's Massive Chalice brims with achieved funding


Massive Chalice achieved its Kickstarter goal today, goblet-ing up $725,000 of funding in just five days. While Double Fine's second Kickstarter game hasn't lit the touchpaper like its first one, Massive Chalice found almost 20,000 backers to get it funded with 23 days left.

That means Double Fine will bring the fantasy turn-based strategy game to Windows, Mac, and Linux. According to the Kickstarter Page, Double Fine is targeting to release it by September 2014. The studio has plans for stretch goals, but hasn't announced any yet.

The game itself is headed up by Iron Brigade creator Brad Muir, and sees players employ a number of heroes across a campaign that spans generations, with permadeath "inevitable" due to age. Double Fine says Massive Chalice is "built for replayability," Each playthrough features a random selection of heroes, and its intricacies will change depending on player decisions and the "whims of fate."

Meanwhile, work continues on Broken Age, the studio's first Kickstarter game. Double Fine says a separate internal team will be working on Massive Chalice.

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