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Last Week in WoW: News vacation edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. It's another one of those weird weeks when the biggest stories of the week aren't even about the game itself, but about movies and upcoming games that we aren't technically supposed to know about.

Of course, there's plenty of cool stuff going on in game as we gradually discover those fun little secrets and smaller changes to patch 5.3, and we always have a good assortment of guides to help you get through the game. Downtime this morning is a series of rolling restarts at 7:00 a.m. PDT, but that's a good excuse to take a small break and read on for our usual roundup.

Hot news and features

  • WoW Insider recently held a video roundtable on heroic scenarios with some of our staff.
  • Alex comments on the relationship between character gender and real life gender.
  • Is time to remove transmog restrictions (My vote is yes, for the record)?
  • Will Blizzard ever offer paid class changes? Our poll suggests most people don't think so.
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