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Latest Dragon's Prophet trailer is SUPER METAL


Have you ever been going about your day-to-day business and found yourself wondering, "Is this metal or not?" If so, then the latest Dragon's Prophet trailer may have some useful information for you. Said video features an original song titled "The Ballad of the DraGod" (seriously), which -- unsurprisingly -- tells the tale of the eponymous DraGod over the soothing sounds of "#SUPERMETAL" guitars and pounding drums. Yep.

For those of you keeping score at home, flamingos, cacti, and chickens are decidedly not metal. Dragons and leather, however, are apparently SUPER metal. Don't ask me; I just work here. If you want to check out the new trailer for yourself, you can find it embedded past the cut.

[Source: Sony Online Entertainment press release]

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