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SpyParty open beta is live, pop some bubbly and lie to your friends now


SpyParty is throwing an early-access beta and you're invited! For $15 get your mitts on SpyParty, or spend $50 or more to get the game and some warm fuzzies for helping a developer make his game great.

SpyParty is about subtle behavior and scoping out the real person in a room of fancy robots, and it's been in closed beta since 2011. The game's mechanics and graphics have intrigued us since 2009, when former Spore frontman Chris Hecker announced its development, and today you can finally see what all the fuss is about.

SpyParty is a one-on-one, live Turing test with strict rules (if you want to succeed, at least) and a loyal, underground fanbase. Hecker even brought it to EVO 2012's Indie Showcase, giving fighting game players a taste of intense espionage.

Hecker hosted a final closed-beta loadtest last night and drew in 170 players, so the SpyParty lobbies should be nice and primed for some fresh blood.

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