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ArenaNet on the future of zergs and roles in Guild Wars 2's WvW

Jef Reahard

ArenaNet designer Devon Carver has teased the team's vision for the future of Guild Wars 2 world-vs.-world PvP in a lengthy new blog post.

The entry is broken down into an analysis of the feature's current state as well as ANet's immediate and long-term goals. Among the latter are plans to address the zerg, player roles, and matchups and matchup scoring.

"Right now our game rewards you for holding an objective, not necessarily for taking it, and overwhelmingly favors the last server to log out for the day," Carver says. "We have some ideas in the pipeline to try to increase scoring when people are playing the game and to make it much more difficult to keep your territory without actively guarding it."

In other GW2 news, the dev team released a new video yesterday that focuses on the lore behind the Last Stand at Southsun and how it affects the game's "living story." Watch it after the break.

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