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Heroic Scenario reward system updated


A couple of weeks back, WoW Insider posted an important public service announcement, warning players of a rather counter-intuitive system whereby only the first scenario of the day would award a loot cache, regardless of whether that scenario was normal or heroic. We warned players to avoid them being locked out of a chance at 516 loot, and the palpable frustration that came with it.

Now, though, Blizzard Community Manager Taepsilum has posted about a very recent change. It should be noted that this is not in the most recent batch of hotfixes, and that Taepsilum is an EU Community Manager, posting the day after EU servers restart. Therefore, it is possible that this change is currently only live in the EU. Proceed with caution.
Remember that you only get the Heroic Cache of Treasures from the first scenario you do in a day (and only if it's a HC scenario. so if you do a normal scenario first you won't get one at all). The rest of the time you just get Greater Cache of Treasures.

This has actually been changed today and the hotfix should already be live.

You should be able to get both of these rewards now, as long as you complete one heroic and at least one normal scenario once per day.
You shouldn't have to worry about doing a heroic scenario before you do a normal one, the order doesn't matter anymore.

This is a great change to what was a rather counter-intuitive system, but please do be very careful about trying it, especially on US servers.

I have tested it on EU servers and can confirm that it does work, I did a normal scenario first, followed by a heroic one, and received the Greater Cache, then the Heroic Cache.

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