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Lil' Bad Wolf packs a big punch against Critters


Real talk time: I've been feeling a bit agitated at the battle pet situation in patch 5.3. Naturally, I want to collect every new pet, but RNG is a cruel mistress. The new patch introduced an updated Raiding with Leashes achievement, which has players returning to the good old BC raids. BC was my favorite expansion, so I enjoy heading back to stomp all over Lady Vashj, especially. Which is good, because I've yet to see a pet drop from SSC. But I digress.

Reader SpaceBard suggested a rundown of Lil' Bad Wolf, one of the ten new raid battle pets in 5.3. We live to serve.

Farming Lil' Bad Wolf is plagued with RNG obstacles. First, the Red Riding Hood encounter must spawn during The Opera Event -- one of three possible outcomes -- and then, of course, the pet may or may not drop. This devilishly cute Humanoid's abilities are as follows:

In slot one, Claw is a good choice for a basic offensive strategy. It deals high damage against Critters and hits for a decent amount. I like Counterstrike, but to take advantage of the extra hit, Lil' Bad Wolf must be hit beforehand. The two-round cooldown isn't terrible, but Lil' Bad Wolf doesn't wield many other offensive abilities without a cooldown. If you don't choose carefully, you may be stuck without anything to use for a round.

Choosing between Mangle and Dodge for slot two leaves you with either an offensive debuff or a purely defensive ability. Using Lil' Bad Wolf as a powerful Critter-crusher, I'd go with Mangle to add quite a bit of damage to every Claw.

Selecting an ability for slot three again depends on what you've chosen for the first two slots, and what strat you're aiming for with Lil' Bad Wolf. Sticking with my uber Critter decimation, I'd debuff my opponent with Mangle, pop Howl, and Claw until the end of time. Pounce would be a decent option with a speedier breed for the extra damage, or if you've chosen Counterstrike with a slower breed. Only because Pounce would be your only offensive move without a cooldown.

As a member of the Humanoid family, Lil' Bad Wolf takes less damage from Critters and does serious damage to Critters with its Beast abilities. Overall, I'm happy with Lil' Bad Wolf as a counter to Critters, but not as pleased with the lack of synergy between a few other abilities.

Have you been lucky enough to snag Lil' Bad Wolf yet? How many characters do you run through BC raids for a chance at the new pets? Curious about your favorite companion? Tweet me with battle pets you'd like to see featured!

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