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Sky+ for Android gets revamped search capability and on-demand listings


Searching for something to watch on the Sky+ Android app? An update rolling out today might make that easier, with a refreshed design and enhanced search feature. The new -- and hopefully improved -- search service can scan Sky TV listings by key words and cast names instead of by program title alone. The app will also offer suggestions based on partial queries. For example, typing in "Li" will bring up a number of offerings based on popularity, like Life of Pi, Lincoln and The Lion King (if you're in the mood for lengthy monologues and daddy issues). Additionally, the update includes on-demand listings and the ability to download programs on the Sky+HD box so long as it shares a WiFi connection with your Android device. Itching to find out more? Mosey on over to the full press release, embedded after the break, or download it from the link below.

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Sky+ now makes it even easier to find your favourite shows

- Update to Sky+ app brings Sky TV customers an enhanced search capability –

- Phased roll out starts today on Sky+ on Android devices -

- On Demand listings and refreshed design launched for Sky+ Android app -

4th June 2013 – Sky customers from today can find their favourite shows even more easily following the launch of an enhanced search service on Sky+.

The brand new functionality - which rolls out from today on the Sky+ app on Android - lets customers discover TV shows by cast names, actors and key words to find anything from cooking shows or comedy to the next big cricket match, complementing the existing service which searches content by programme title.

The enhanced service generates auto-suggestions based on letters being typed and the current popular TV search terms. The intelligent search will develop and evolve as more and more customers run searches via the Sky+ app. It will also suggest words that the customers might be searching for, with results updating as more characters are added to the search box.

For example, if a customer types the letter "L" the top result will be the current British and Irish Lions Tour, then other results such as Life of Pi, Lincoln and The Lion King will start to appear in order of current popularity as additional letters are typed. When Lions Tour is selected, all the next matches will be shown. Or if customers search for an actor, such as Adam Sandler, the search results will show all the movies he's in currently showing on Sky, whether it's in the TV Guide, available On Demand or in Sky Store.

On Demand listings have also been added to the Sky+ app on Android, allowing customers to browse Catch Up, TV Box Sets, Sky Movies and Sky Store. When the Sky+ app is connected to a Sky+HD box via Wi-Fi customers will also be able to download the show they want to watch to their Sky+HD box in just a few screen taps.

Luke Bradley-Jones, Brand Director, TV Products, comments:

"The Sky+ app continues to prove hugely popular, with millions of Sky customers embracing the convenience of being able to set recordings of their favourite shows and use their phone or tablet as a remote control. We're now taking the Sky+ experience even further, with enhanced search letting customers find shows in a more intuitive and faster way. And as more customers use search, the richer the technology that powers the search suggestions will become.'

Sky customers can already take more control of their main TV experience through the Sky+ app, using it to change channels as well as pause, play and rewind TV with a swipe or tap of their fingers on the screen. Sky customers can also manage their planner through the app, allowing them to add and delete recordings they have stored on their Sky+HD box without interrupting viewing on the main TV.

To access the full functionality of the Sky+ app for Android, Sky customers need to have their Sky+HD box connected to the same Wi-Fi network as their phone or tablet. For further information visit:

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