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Time Warner updates browser version of TWC TV to allow for out-of-home viewing


For Time Warner Cable subscribers, sly on-the-job TV-watching is about to get easier (don't lie, we know you do it). Starting today, the browser version of TWC TV will offer on-demand and live content from any internet connection, in a move that mirrors the company's mobile app upgrade back in April. Previously, Time Warner Cable customers were restricted to using inside their homes, but the shackles are now somewhat looser. There are still a few limits: only 26 networks with on-demand programming will be accessible outside the subscriber's home, with up to 11 live channels offering streaming content. It's fairly modest compared to in-home use, which includes as many as 4,000 on-demand titles and 300 live TV channels. But if the restrictions don't bother you and you desperately need to catch up on your favorite shows during your lunch break, you can register your account at the link below.

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