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Any.DO announces Cal, promises a suite of connected life management apps (video)


It's only been a few hours since we wrote about Any.DO getting redesigned with a fresh new look and logo. The company's also been teasing "a new way to manage your day" on its website. Well it all makes perfect sense now -- Any.DO just announced Cal, a new calendar for the iPhone. The app seeks to change the way we interact with our calendar through location, contact and social integration. Of course it works seamlessly with Any.DO and features the same beautiful and simple design. Cal is still in beta but will be launching later this summer -- better yet, the company's promising a "suite of connected life management apps." Hit the break for the promo video and PR, and try to guess which app will come next (hint: we think it's email).

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Cal - Your life. Your Calendar.

Cal is a simple, beautiful & delightful calendar for your iPhone.

Cal was designed to capture the moments that are vital to making it a good day but rarely get scheduled in. Whether you need to find time to step away from work and have a Zen moment or need to spend a full day recharging at the beach, Cal helps you balance life, work, and 'me time' without letting anything slip through the cracks.

A uniquely designed interface gives you clear perspective on what's on the horizon of your day and what's already been accomplished. Cal is right there with you in the moment, up to speed on your progress with a host of newly designed features that add to your momentum.

With Cal, important life moments like birthdays and anniversaries aren't just remembered, they're celebrated. Contact, location, and social integration allows you to send messages and plan festivities right in the app itself. It's a powerful calendar that gets things done, because there's a big difference between scheduling an important event and actually making it happen.

Designed with love, Cal is made by the makers of Any.DO, the most popular to-do app for iPhone & Android. A sophisticated integration with the Any.DO app automatically takes care of your ever-evolving to-do list without having to plan for the same thing twice. It interprets your day so you don't have to - just the way smart apps should be.

Cal is currently in beta, with plans to release later this summer.
To sign up for Cal go to and follow on Facebook & Twitter.

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