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Asus ROG unveils 'Poseidon Formula 1' gaming PC at Computex

Jordan Mallory

If you've always wanted your gaming rig to look like a weird mix between a diesel generator and a flux capacitor, Asus' Republic of Gamers imprint may have just the thing. Unveiled earlier this week at Computex in Taiwan, Asus' "Poseidon Formula 1" gaming rig is an intimidating mass of metal, tubes and, reportedly, power.

The unit gets its name from its "ROG Poseidon" graphics card, which sports an Nvidia GTX 700 GPU and Asus' proprietary hybrid "DirectCU H2O" cooling system. DirectCU H2O combines multi-directional "CoolTech" air-cooling with liquid-cooling systems to reduce the GPU's operating temperature by as much as 31 degrees Celsius, or nearly 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

That graphics card is plugged into Asus' "ROG Maximus VI Formula" motherboard, a unit that comes equipped with its own fancily-named hybrid cooling technology: "CrossChill," a system that combines heatsinks and liquid cooling. The motherboard also includes a "SupremeFX" onboard audio card, which can pump out jams through a 600 ohm headphone amplifier shielded for electromagnetic interference.

No word yet on when the rig will be available, what it will cost or what processor/HDD/SDD/RAM configurations will be offered.

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