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Boku and PlayJam simplify payments on smart TVs, bring in mobile carrier billing

Ben Drawbaugh

Smart TVs aren't new, but the platforms currently out have plenty of room for improvement. One example is when it's time to actually pay for goods or services via an app. While some have tried to fix it before, a new effort from Boku and PlayJam will reach further than one manufacturer's products in three countries. Launching in more than a dozen countries and on some of the biggest names in TVs, Boku mobile payments make it easier to buy games or upgrades by typing in your mobile number and replying Y to a text message.

That way you can avoid the need to key in credit card details with a TV remote poorly suited to the task, or risk the info falling into the wrong hands. After that, the charge shows up on your next mobile phone bill like any other. It seems likely Boku will extend this beyond one partner in the future, and with PlayJam SDK already powering apps on Samsung, Panasonic, LGE, Vizio, Western Digital, Google TV and VESTEL devices you may see the option pop up sooner rather than later.

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Boku Brings Mobile Payments to Smart TVs with Partner PlayJam

June 6, 2013 – San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - Boku, Inc., the global leader in online mobile payments, today announced a partnership with PlayJam the premier global platform for games on TV. The partnership brings carrier billing to smart televisions and other consumer electronics around the world, including devices from Samsung, Panasonic, LGE, Vizio, Western Digital, Google TV and VESTEL.

This agreement allows more than 90 Million consumers to use their mobile phone number to purchase games, upgrades and other services on PlayJam's global marketplace. PlayJam's network represents over 45% of all games played on Smart TVs in over 100 territories worldwide and serves over 150 TV apps on a wide variety of CE manufacturer devices. Users can checkout simply by entering in their mobile phone number with the charges appearing on their carrier bill.

"We're committed to bringing a seamless gaming and payments experience to all of our customers, regardless of market or device, and mobile payments through Boku will play a critical role in that commitment." said Charles Tigges, Chief Commercial Officer for PlayJam. "In some instances, a customer in the United States might use Boku to checkout on an LGE TV with one of our game publishers. In Germany, a Samsung TV owner might purchase a new game directly from PlayJam using Boku. Regardless of device, market or game title, the reduced friction available through carrier billing offers a great experience for the consumer, and that's a benefit to everyone."

PlayJam-enabled devices offer customers access to the Boku® mobile payments platform in more than a dozen different markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland and others. The PlayJam platform SDK offers game developers an easy way to enhance and monetize their games across all Smart TV brands with features like mobile game controller application, pre-roll advertising, in-app payments, pre-paid card, save state, leaderboards, tournaments, social integration, gamer profile and more.

"Mobile payments has grown steadily in the past half decade, moving from online purchase of virtual goods into numerous different vertical markets," said James Patmore, Managing Director EMEA for Boku. "Through our partnership with PlayJam, Boku is helping to further advance the mobile payments market, bringing the convenience and security of carrier billing directly to smart TVs in consumers' homes around the world."

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