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Cambridge Audio intros Minx Go Bluetooth speaker with 18-hour battery life


Cambridge Audio has been known for its high-end audio systems and audiophile speakers for quite some time, and recently the company entered the world of Bluetooth speakers with the addition of the Minx Air range (US$449.00 - $599.00). Since those speakers might be a bit on the spendy side for many Apple device owners, Cambridge Audio today announced the much more affordable and portable Minx Go Portable Wireless Speaker ($149.00).

Available in black or white, the Minx Go includes five speakers and a bass radiator to blast out sound. That sound is practically guaranteed to be crisp and impressive, since the Minx Go also has an advanced Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and Digital/Analog Converter (DAC) to coax the details out of every recording.

Unlike most Bluetooth speakers, the Minx Go can be cranked up to full volume without any sound distortion. The best part of the Minx Go? You're going to be able to listen to 18 hours of music between charges. TUAW will have a full review of this product soon; in the meantime, enjoy the video below.

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