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EVE Online flirts with virtual reality


At this year's Fanfest, EVE Online teased the possibility of putting players into the game with the magic of virtual reality. The VR demo, courtesy of an Oculus Rift dev kit, turned a few heads both metaphorically and literally. Today, CCP put forth a blog post explaining the hows and whys that went into this intriguing project.

CCP Karuck details the journey that led the team to adapting the studio's flagship title for a VR headset: "We brought up many genres and styles, but in the end decided to make a game in the EVE universe where players could fly fighter spaceships. That idea just checked all the boxes, and who hasn't wanted to experience first-person space flight in EVE?"

Challenges for the team including modifying the UI to work with a headset and tweaking the experience so that users wouldn't get motion sickness. Karuck estimates that around a thousand players tried out the EVE VR demo at fanfest, and the team has plans to bring it to E3 for press previews. Still, he admits that he doesn't know what is in store for the future of it all: "We still don't know what will become of this little project of ours, with CCP considering various options."

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