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Fates Forever is MOBA enough for PC but made for a tablet

Eliot Lefebvre

The MOBA market is pretty full these days, but Hammer & Chisel is trying to find a unique angle with Fates Forever. It's meant to have everything you'd expect from a MOBA, with the game outright calling itself a re-imagining of League of Legends. But you can't play this game on anything less than a tablet. No smartphones, no consoles, no computers, a competitive MOBA designed only for use on tablets.

So what makes it uniquely designed for tablets? Fine touch controls, for one thing. Instead of clicking, you can use gestures to direct your heroes, and you can also activate special attacks specifically via the touchscreen. That opens the door for controls that would be tedious or unworkable on a PC and cumbersome on a smartphone. How successful this approach will be remains to be seen, but the game is aimed for a release later this year.

[Source: Hammer & Chisel press release]

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