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Galaxy S 4 software update enables moving apps to SD card, HDR video recording and more

Jamie Rigg , @jmerigg

Perhaps this is what Samsung meant when it said it would addressing GS4 storage capacity concerns through "software optimization." An update for the flagship has begun hitting Snapdragon 600-loaded handsets in Germany, and it enables an option to move apps over to the SD card, freeing up some of that precious on-board storage. Other changes, as noted by mobiFlip and SamMobile, include a partially see-through notification bar when using a custom wallpaper, new camera firmware with an HDR video recording option and an "increased legibility" display mode. S Planner and settings icons apparently have a slightly new look, and a Smart Pause toggle has been added to the drop-down list. Samsung may have achieved a modicum of optimization, too: the update reportedly claws back an extra 0.8GB of internal storage. The update will hopefully see a wider release soon, but make sure you're connected to WiFi before you accept any OTA prompts -- it's a whopping 366MB.

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