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GamePop console puts iOS games on your TV


BlueStacks' GamePop is an exciting concept that draws attention to just how much mobile gaming has changed the video game landscape in a few short years. GamePop is a console that plays mobile phone games like Jetpack Joyride on your home TV. When it was first announced, the system was limited to simply Android games, but today BlueStacks has announced that iOS-only games will also be available to play on console.

Using a new technology called "Looking Glass," the system is able to convert iOS games to play on non-iOS hardware. Subatomic Studios, makers of the Fieldrunners series, has signed up to have its games included in the system's catalog. According to CNET, BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma says their "Looking Glass" technology isn't emulation.

Looking Glass works at the API-level. It's not emulating. It embraces all aspects of running the [game] app and using the [GamePop] app as the controller.

This may seem like a small idea now, but six years ago we never thought we'd have next-generation quality gaming on our phones. Who knows where this technology will be in three years? Here's a video from GamePop explaining the console.

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