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In Win's Tou desktop case has glass and class all over it


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At Computex, Taiwan-based In Win has once again brought out its funky-looking desktop cases, but this time there's a new star on the stage. Dubbed the Tou (meaning "transparent" in Mandarin Chinese), this ATX full tower features several 3mm-thick tempered glass panels that are screwed onto an aluminum structure. And since the coated glass is semi-transparent, you can just about see the desktop's innards if you switch on the LEDs inside, which can be controlled via the touch panel above the two front USB 3.0 ports. When the internal lights are off, the desktop is pretty much just a mirror, but you'll want to degrease your fingers before touching any part of it.

Sadly, at the moment the Tou is still at concept stage, so we couldn't squeeze a price or date out of the reps. When the chassis does become available, you'll know as soon as we do.

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