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Is Turbine's for LotRO?

Shawn Schuster

As first reported by Kotaku, Turbine's previously registered assortment of Tolkien-related domain names has just been moved over to the Turbine servers. These names include several variations of something relating to a trademark for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor by the Saul Zaentz Company.

From here, we can do nothing but speculate, but Goldenstar over at the A Casual Stroll to Mordor blog can't help but point out some interesting possibilities for a connection to Lord of the Rings Online.

For one, this is the same pattern we saw when was first trademarked. Another domain,, was originally thought to be our ticket to the dark lord's land way back in 2009, but this may actually be a revision of that.

Even if this has nothing to do with LotRO and is for an entirely new game, we're happy to see Turbine growing as much as it has in the past few years. I just want to pinch its little cheeks!

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