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Mad Catz entering Android console market with 'Project M.O.J.O'

Jordan Mallory

The burgeoning Android micro-console market's increasingly crowded Thunderdome has found itself another theoretical contestant: Mad Catz, which today announced its intentions to unveil "Project M.O.J.O" during next week's E3 proceedings.

Beyond the fact that Project M.O.J.O has been "designed to interact seamlessly" with Mad Catz's Gamesmart line of peripherals, nothing else is known about the product with regards to its technical specifications, pricing structure or even what its real name is – we're assuming "Project M.O.J.O" won't be going on the box.

Surely, the answers to all (or most) of these questions will be revealed sometime next week, at which point we'll see how Project M.O.J.O stacks up against the Ouya, Gamestick and Gamepop.

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