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Caturday: A place in the sun


From Puk's human companion, Wanda Rijkenberg:

This is Puk. Ever since she moved in with us she loves to nap in our home studio. We like to think because she's love us and that's where we often sit, but it's probably also to do with the studio equipment heating up the room. As a kitten (below) she'd squeeze between the power amp and a small mixer lit by a warm light. Now, years later, Puk grew a bit and so did the studio, leaving no place for a slightly overweight cat to squeeze into.

Caturday A place in the sun

But in winter the trees in front of the house can't stop the sun from entering the room. And every time it does Puk knows exactly when and where to find that one free spot to nap in those rare rays of winter sun: just before the afternoon, on the pen tablet in front of the computer.

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Thanks, Wanda!

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