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Next-Gen Essentials: Joystiq's E3 2013 Gear


This just in: E3 2013 starts tomorrow. Well, technically, tomorrow is what we affectionately call "Day Zero" – due to the slew of major media briefings we'll be attending.

It's been nearly a decade since Microsoft and Sony brought new gear to E3, and nearly a decade since Joystiq started making the trek to the industry's most important North American event. How do we do it? (Apart from all the coffee and nanotechnological augmentations, that is.)

Here's how the Joystiq crew is rolling in this year, including Jordan's tactical kit above and Mike Schramm's gear with the most up-to-date and hard-hitting (all in good fun) questions after the break.

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NextGen Essentials Joystiq's E3 2013 Gear

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