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The WoW Insider Show live on Monday June 10


Join us for a live recording of the WoW Insider Show tomorrow, Monday June 10th at 8:00 p.m. PDT. This show will be hosted on, right over at our channel. Shortly before the live broadcast we'll put a post up here on WoW Insider with a live embed of the stream as well. Don't worry if you can't miss it -- we'll have it up on YouTube a day or two later.

This week Mike, Matt, and Anne will be talking about flexible raiding (the announcement and Matt's editorial), Diablo 3 on the Xbox 360 (and all those other consoles), and the plans of companies to take advantage of WoW's subscription decline. Expect a lot of different opinions, with Cthulhu somehow being tied into it all.

Of course your emails will also be answered. After the break we'll give you a taste of what we'll be answering from listener's emails, including some chat about paid faction changes. Want your questioned answered live on the air? Send it to, or hop in our live stream and hang out with us during the show. We'll take some questions from the chat channel after the show is done recording.

Email #1: Going to a class

Hello Wowinsider crew!

I've been playing my Warlock since the start of Mists now and I am looking to get a second character to do content with, my problem is that I have a lot of trouble with tracking everything on the screen. I had to quit playing on my hunter because all the button tracking is too much for me to handle. Which class would you recommend to me? Melee is out of the question since being close to the action confuses me even more.

Many thanks for answering my question,

Valkyros of Steamwheedle Cartel
(pronounced valkAIros)

Email #2: The Quest for the Can't Miss Quests

Irishguard (Dwarf Prot Warrior) from Eonar here:

I recently have been getting a little burned out on the game. I dived into 5.2 with vigor, but have really slacked off in 5.3. I attribute this to being the only one left in my guild that even logs in, but I refuse to leave. So I decided to roll a forsaken on Zul'jin named Slevin to join a friend of mine as I patiently await the return of my fellow guildmates. I decided to go with the Forsaken because of the lore you guys talk about on the show. I just had to experience it for myself. I am actually in the mood of refusing to leave a zone without soaking in all the lore around it. And I am glad that I decided on this strategy, because I did come across a little quest called "Welcome to the Machine" . This quest line had me busting a gut laughing. I think more quest like this periodically throughout the game would do wonders for burnout. I was wondering if you knew of any more standout, just can't miss quests that can be easily overlooked. I would greatly appreciate it.

Once I started listening to the show I just can't stop
Irishguard Eonar

Well I guess now Slevin on Zul'jin, Guild Udder Perfection

Email #3: Dragonmaw gnomes

Hey peepz, (I'm not gonna try naming you cause I'll be wrong and forget someone and you'll make fun of me)

*You can skip this part if you want, it's just intro*

The question last week about how Sylvanas doesn't seem to be decaying like the rest of the Forsaken got me thinking about something else I noticed a while back. Most of the faction leaders look different from their 'subjects' in some way and sometimes it's quite a big difference.
It's specifically noticeable when you look at the loading screens, where all the faction leaders for that continent are displayed. For a quick summary: In Kalimdor we have Garrosh who isn't just different from the playable orcs cause he's brown-skinned but he's also frikkin HUGE and just looks different. Velen looks different from male draenei not having a hunched back and having a longer tail, I guess he's still more of an Eredar. Tyrande and Malfurion are pretty close except for a pair of antlers on the latter. Vol'Jin is the only troll capable of growing facial hair. Gallywix hasn't been seen in-game yet, but he is the only 'fat' goblin in existence. In the Eastern Kingdoms things are a little more normal, with only Sylvanas being different with her blood-elven body.

*Now here's my actual question*

With the faction leaders often looking different from the playable characters it got me thinking.
Do you think we'll ever be able to choose different subgroups for our playable characters? For the orcs, we could have brown-skinned Mag'har and the black-skinned Dragonmaw. For the dwarves, we have the Wildhammer who are supposed to be taller and leaner and the dark-skinned Dark Iron. Most of the other races, like trolls, have lore-reasons as to why we can't be a subrace, but they could always be just split-offs who would rather take their chances with the Horde or Alliance. I would just love a little more diversity.

Love to hear from you,


Email #4: Paid to Faction Change

Hey wow insider musketeers.

Love the show, always interesting and fun to listen to. Hearing Anne cackle cracks me up.

I was wondering what you guys thought of the effect of Paid Faction Change has had on the game.
I play a hunter on Frostmourne horde pvp oceanic and have noticed especially at the beginning of panda land that we went from being a horde heavy server (70/30 approx) to now being alliance heavy. Personally I found the ease at which it is to transfer and change faction has produced a group of people who will just change to whatever side will give them their epics/achievements/titles and don't really care about who they step on along the way. The only thing that matters to these people is winning and finishing as fast as possible.

I think that this also is leading to more burnout due to people not staying put and working together. The amount of missed or lost friendships i have noticed is significant.

Love to hear what you guy's think on this subject.

Kind regards
Spankyhunter Horde oceanic.

P.S. I run my guild on the motto "Its not what you do or achieve, but who you do it with that matters"

Email #6: Does Matt Listen to Black Metal Music?

On your last episode, Matt mentioned his death knight's gear resembling a "black metal ninja", which made me wonder, does Matt listen to any black metal music? I know this isn't at all WoW-related, but I am also curious to know what kinds of music (or specific artists) all you guys enjoy. Oh and I guess to keep it somewhat relevant, favorite expansion soundtrack? For me personally, it has to be Wrath. Thanks guys, love the show!

Mircalla, level 90 undead windwalker monk on Ner'zhul

Email #7: History of the Dwarfs

Hey Insiders,

Nurph Dwarf Warrior from Moonguard here. I'd like to find more information on Dwarven cities other than Ironforge like Dun Modr for RP reasons. Anywhere I can find out history, timeline, etc for Dun Modr? Also I've been running Slave Pens for Mana-Etched gear for my mage and noticed Skar'this the Heretic hanging out in there. What's up with that guy?


Email #8: Lore, Lore, and Raids

Hello Anne, Mike, and Matt.

I love your show and definitely look forward to listening every week. So I have three questions, two lore and one about raids.

We'll start with lore.
1) Why would Panderans want to join the horde? I've only ever played as alliance, so in my mind the horde is evil. Would you say that they are evil, or simply the opposite of the alliance? But why would a Panderan want to join them considering they seem to be very peaceful and only attack when they are threatened. Wouldn't the horde go against their upbringing, especially with all the craziness of Garrosh.

2) Going along with that, how are/would the horde Panderans react to the mining that is going on in their sacred place (right now the name escapes me)? If it is making Taran Zhu uneasy, shouldn't the horde Panderans be pissed that this is going on? Or are they and I'm just unaware cause I'm alliance?

Here's the raid question: I've been reading about possible changes to the format of 10 man raids. Some of this could be trolling, but I'm not sure. Apparently people are reading into what GC has been saying. But people are saying that they are changing or might change raids back to the ICC model. Is that true or is it a completely unfounded rumor? Also what do the mean by ICC model? I only started playing right at the end of ICC and wasn't high enough to start raising.

Thanks a ton
Level 90 Priest

Email #9: What's Happening in Outland?

Good Afternoon WoW Insider crew,

Has Blizzard given any indication as to what is currently happening on Outland? They have dropped a few hints (the Black Harvest storyline and the Sunfury Elves returning to Azeroth) but we don't know about the fate of the illdari, Sabellian, the remaining Naga, etc etc.


Email #10: Loot Spec and Night Elves of Pew Pew

Hello gang. Two questions:

1. When loot specialisation was introduced with 5.3 my first thought was that now I could queue as one role and stay through an entire LFR raid as opposed to doing the first boss as a tank, drop raid, dequeue and do the second and third boss as a damage dealer. From experience I expected to spend my time at about a 50/50 split between those two roles and could simply change loot spec between fights. I seem to be getting into raids a whole lot more as a tank now. Where I earlier used to wait 20 minutes and it was a toss-up as to what I would enter the raid as, now I have nearly instant queues as a tank every time. Has the change to the system caused lots of people formerly tanking to now go pure DPS?

2. Just got to thinking, night elves now have access to the mage class, but didn't they stop using arcane magic some 10,000 years ago and vow only to use druidic magic? What's the justification for this change?

Thanks for keeping the show running, I really enjoy it.

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