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Apple offers a sneak peek at new Mac Pro during WWDC 2013

Mel Martin

The Mac Pro is getting a long-overdue update, and it looks like it is going to be worth the wait. The Mac Pro, available "later this year," is downright small compared to the current tower, but the specs are amazing.

The Mac Pro will have Dual Workstation CPU FirePro processors, up to two times faster than the current Mac Pro. There is built-in support for up to three 4K displays, HDMI out, GB Ethernet and internal storage with 1.25 GBps reads and 1 GBps writes. The new Mac Pro features Thunderbolt 2, and it's backwards-compatible with the current-generation Thunderbolt accessories.

The announcement also got some applause when Apple said the new Mac Pro will be assembled in the US. No pricing yet, but the new Mac Pro is sure to generate a lot of excitement.

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