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Apple claims over half a billion store account holders, other big stats at WWDC

Sharif Sakr

Today's Apple liveblog started with the usual dose of big numbers. The fact that there have been 50 billion app downloads from the App Store is something we already knew, and Android has almost matched, but Apple has added that it now has 575 million store account holders, choosing from a total selection of 900,000 apps, with 375,000 of those tailored specifically for the iPad. 90 percent of iOS titles are active in the sense of being downloaded each month, and they've resulted in a total of $10 billion that has so far been paid out to developers -- three times more, Tim Cook says, than all the other platforms put together. Phew. Oh, but there are more:

  • 600 million iOS devices sold so far (that's 235 million since last year's count and, as Ryan from the Block points out, evidence of "some pretty ridiculous growth");
  • 300 million iCloud accounts, which apparently makes iCloud "the fastest growing cloud service ever";
  • 240 million Game Center users;
  • 800 billion iMessages sent (and perhaps received);
  • Some ridiculous number of "push notifications" that we can't fully remember except that it was in the trillions.

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