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Apple unveils new version of mobile Safari for iOS 7


Apple announced some major changes to mobile Safari in iOS 7. First and most noticeable is a new full-screen look that extends the web page that you are viewing from one edge of your screen to the other. There's also an improvement in search that provides your with a smart search field when you tap at the top of the screen. You also can access all your favorites there as well.

Navigation is improved with a new swiping gesture that'll move you from page to page. A new bookmark control shows bookmarks, shared links and your reading list and a redesigned tab feature shows a scrolling, cover-flow-like view of your open tabs. A tap and hold lets you re-order the tans and a swipe to the side closes them one at a time. You can also see your open OS X tabs at the bottom and are no longer limited to just eight tabs, which is a welcome change.

You can read about additional changes in mobile Safari on Apple's website.

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