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Character Services sale ends today


It's not easy being a troll monk. So, if you want to change your race, your faction, your appearance or your name, now's the time. There has been a sale on what Blizzard calls Character Services all week, which is basically all the above -- every paid service that your character can undergo.

But this sale ends tonight, June 10th, at 11.59pm, so if you are twiddling your thumbs and wondering whether you should make that leap or not, then stop dilly-dallying and get on with it. You've got a matter of hours in the EU, and the sale ends at 11.59 Pacific time in the US.

Do also have a look at what's included in other options when deciding to make changes to your characters. For example, an appearance change includes a name change, so if you want to call your character something new then maybe a new look would suit their new name better. Enjoy your new home, look, identity, or enemy.

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