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E3 2013: ArcheAge beta signups are live [Updated]

Jef Reahard

Zomg, ArcheAge beta signups are live! In the West! How cool is that? It's so cool that I could really just stop writing this post now and leave it at that.

Seems we have this acceptable word count thing, though, so let's see. ArcheAge is a fantasy sandpark that's been in development for nearly six years by Korea's XLGAMES. Lineage creator Jake Song is the brains behind the game, and Trion Worlds is publishing the title for the western market.

The game's feature set is too long to list here, but it includes open PvP, sieges, extensive player housing, hang-gliders, sailing ships, steampunk tractors, and a whole lot more that you can learn about via our ArcheAge category and dedicated column. Don't forget to look for our ArcheAge E3 interview later this week.

[Update]: We've added the ArcheAge teaser trailer shown to the media at this week's E3. Watch it after the cut.

[Thanks Soren!]

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