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Breakfast Topic: Do you have trouble playing a non-humanoid race?


When it comes to our avatars, some of us are better than others at handling anthropomorphism. I don't personally have anything against the non-humanoid races, but I find I don't ultimately bond with a character that looks like a bear or a cow or a wolf. These characters end up feeling like cartoon game pieces that I move around on the game world rather than "my girls," even if "my girl" is undead or has gigantic tusks or a tail. Unbridled fantasy elements? I'm totally down with that. But big, furry critters feel like caricatures that I just can't take seriously -- and if I'm not taking my character seriously, I'm not taking the rest of the game seriously, either.

Are you comfortable reaching outside the humanoid comfort zone by playing goat-people and walking cows? Or do you need a character that's plausibly humanoid?

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