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EA spotlights PvZ: Garden Warfare, Mirror's Edge reboot at E3 2013


Electronic Arts outlined its plans for the next generation of consoles during its E3 press event yesterday, showcasing a slate of upcoming releases ranging from tech-driven sports games to crowd-pleasing PopCap franchise sequels.

EA hit the ground running with a trailer for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, a third-person action game in which players control squadrons of zombie-destroying plant life. Afterward, PopCap's John Vechey took the stage to announce Peggle 2, which is expected to reignite many long-forgotten addictions when it launches later this year.

Electronic Arts then offered a glimpse at a new Star Wars Battlefront game developed by DICE, capitalizing on its recent exclusivity deal with franchise owner Disney. Dragon Age: Inquisition was next up, as developer BioWare showed off a new trailer and announced the game's release had been pushed back into next year, with versions planned for Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

EA spotlights PvZ Garden Warfare, Mirror's Edge reboot at E3 2013
EA's sports franchises enjoyed a large chunk of conference coverage, as the company revealed its plans to relaunch its lapsed NBA Live series for the next generation of consoles. NBA Live 14 includes "BounceTek" physics for more realistic play, and roster updates will occur in near real-time.

EA detailed the engine improvements in the upcoming anniversary release Madden NFL 25, and rapper Drake arrived on stage to announce FIFA 14. The company wrapped up its sports coverage with a look at EA Sports UFC, which will launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in spring of next year.

Next up was a detailed look at Battlefield 4's Commander Mode, a returning multiplayer feature from Battlefield 2142. In Battlefield 4, players are able to command a squad of teammates in real-time using a connected tablet or other capable device, and online battles support up to 64 players simultaneously.

Electronic Arts concluded its event with a trailer for DICE's Mirror's Edge reboot, no doubt delighting many longtime fans who have waited years for a follow-up. These fans may have to wait a few more years before they're able to play the final product, however, as EA notes the game will only be released "when it's ready."

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