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iTunes Radio and 'ads' on the iOS 7 lock screen


Developers are starting to play with the iOS 7 beta, with iTunes Radio being a popular destination both for trying the new feature and for listening to music while coding. Neil Hughes at Apple Insider notes that for the first time, you may see an "ad" on your lock screen when listening to iTunes Radio.

While you're listening to your favorite channel, it's possible to lock your iPhone display and the music keeps streaming. Upon waking the device, the album art from the tune currently playing is displayed on the lock screen. For those who aren't currently subscribers to iTunes Match, a link appears on that album art giving the user the opportunity to "Download on iTunes," basically a link to buy the song on iTunes.

iTunes Match subscribers only see the album art on the lock screen, but can purchase the streaming tune by launching the Music app. A buy button displaying the price of the song appears in the upper-right corner of the screen displaying the tune currently playing (see image at right). Of course, this is an early beta of iOS 7, so the actual implementation of the "Download on iTunes" link on the lock screen may change before the OS becomes public this fall.

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