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Last Week in WoW: Flexible news edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. We're another week into patch 5.3, but alas, no sign of the patch 5.4 PTR just yet. Still, the news has been coming in copious amounts, so we're probably okay. Of course, the big news is Flexible raids. Now, having 12 signups for 10 raid slots may not mean you need to leave 2 people behind. This, of course, has generated a lot of discussion, much of which is summed up in an editorial by our own Matt Rossi.

There's lots more things, big and small, to cover, and we have the usual roundup of the week's news below. As of this writing, there's not been any announced downtime for this morning, but whether there is or not, a little break to get caught up can't hurt.

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