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Nokia and Microsoft 'working even closer,' will have something to show us soon


At a UK briefing for Nokia's incoming Lumia 925, the company revealed that it's continuing to deepen its relationship with Microsoft. Nokia UK's Ray Haddow said that it was "working even closer" with Redmond and that we can expect to see the fruits of this pairing "in the next few weeks." While we're not sure what that will entail just yet (and we're already expecting to see some beta software functionality land on our review model), we're hoping to see some new features from the team-up. Better still, we've just received our very own Lumia 925 to test, so expect a review very soon.

Update: As the meeting progresses, we've heard another small tidbit out of Nokia related to this collaboration. It appears that reps have been emphasizing the marketing aspects of this pairup, suggesting the two companies will work together in advertising and increasing Nokia's visibility. We'll update this post with more info if we get more clarification on exactly what we can expect.

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